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Gemseal Range

Gemseal 25, 40, 60, 70 & 120


The products of the Gemseal range from TotalEnergies Special Fluids are used as low-viscosity emollients in personal care formulations. Gemseal products cover a complete range of viscosities to meet the needs of any type of formulation, including skin care, hair care, make-up and sun care products. Thanks to their unique technology, Gemseal products by TotalEnergies Special Fluids offer extremely high purity and subtle texture grading. Moreover, they feature good compatibility with the oil phases and emulsifiers conventionally used in the cosmetics industry.


The Total Ecosolutions advantage

In contrast to the silicone oils that represent the major share of the market, Gemseal products are classified as readily biodegradable. Moreover, their toxicology profile exceeds the usual requirements of this market. They are non-occlusive, non-comedogenic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing.

The environmental performance

Classified as readily biodegradable

86% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to silicone oils

Picto Check VA External verification

Independent auditor EY has verified that this product was labeled according to the method described in the TotalEnergies Ecosolutions Guidelines and that the guidelines comply with the principles set out in the ISO 14020 and 14021 standards which govern environmental claims and particularly their accuracy.

More information

  • Label Award date : December 2019 (Guidelines Version 5)
  • Label Term : December 2024
  • Geographical Scope : World