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TotalEnergies: becoming the responsible energy major

Energy plays a key role in mitigating climate change. As a major energy player, TotalEnergies has been working for many years to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with its activities. Through the belief that climate goals can only be met by mobilizing businesses, governments and consumers as a team, TotalEnergies has chosen a proactive strategy by seeking to play a role in the transition. 

TotalEnergies' ambition is to become the responsible energy major, meeting energy growing needs (1) while reducing carbon emissions. The Group is committed in contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, mainly in regard to those areas that are connected to climate change and the development of more affordable, more reliable, cleaner and accessible energy to as many people as possible

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An Ecosolutions award promotes eco-efficient solutions

Following the Kyoto Protocol (2) and the “Grenelle de l'Environnement” in 2009(3), France has committed in reducing its energy consumption. The aim is to divide greenhouse gas emissions by four by 2050, in order to limit global warming. TotalEnergies has integrated these climate issues into its strategy, as a major energy player. The group has been working to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its operations and have proactively joined with the industry and the international community to come up with joint solutions.

In this context, TotalEnergies created the label Ecosolutions by TotalEnergies in 2009, with the aim of promoting the environmental and/or health performance of the Group’s solutions. Its process has been developed in compliance with the requirements of the international standards ISO 14020 and 14021 which regulate environmental declarations and guarantee their accuracy. We have chosen to have this standard audited by an independent consulting firm, EY, in order to ensure the compliance with the principles of the mentioned above. 

Ecosolutions label by totalenergies contributes in helping customers through reducing their environmental footprint

The program Ecosolutions by TotalEnergies offers eco-efficient solutions to our clients, throughout their life cycle compared to a market reference. The environmental and health performance can be related to a reduction of carbon emissions, energy consumption, water or toxicity (and its impact on health). 

This cross-functional program involves several business lines and expertise within the Group (Research & Development, innovation, sustainable development, strategy, marketing, etc.). It also relies on external through its external advisory board which is part of its governance. 

The history of Ecosolutions label by TotalEnergies and its evolution

The label has evolved since its creation in 2009, in terms of governance award criteria and ambition. 


(1) “Estimate show that by 2050, some 10 billion people worldwide will need access to energy, an increase of around 50% from today." Getting to Net Zero - September 2020 - TotalEnergies

(2) Signed in 1997, came into effect in 2005

(3) 2007-2009 in France