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Our label and accreditation principles

Promote products, services and solutions that demonstrate a better environmental and health performance

Ecosolutions label by TotalEnergies promotes internal eco-efficient products, services and solutions. By relying on them our customers can demonstrate their efforts in redusing their environmental and health footprint


Life Cycle Analysis



The highlighted performances are based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The candidate of Ecosolutions label by TotalEnergies is compared to its market reference, throughout its life cyle (right from raw material extraction to end of life) on its key impacts, among the following:


Environmental and health performances studied: 

Environmental performances


The objective of this multicriteria approach is to ensure that there is no significant impact transfer, i.e. to make sure that an environmental benefit doesn't trigger a significant deterioration of another environmental or health impact. 

Key figures of Ecosolutions label by TotalEnergies In 2021 (based on 2020 figures)


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    Products, services, solutions awarded by the label Ecosolutions by TotalEnergies, as of 2021 year-end
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    Mt CO2eq contribuition to the reduction of GHG emissions in 2021 for the label Ecosolutions by TotalEnergies
    (based on 2021 sales volumes)

This contribution amounts to 18.9 million tons of CO2eq since the label's launch of the program in 2009:

Evolution of the contribution of the to the reduction of GHG emissions since the creation of program in 2009

The robustness of our accreditation principles

  • In compliance with the requirements of ISO 14020 and 14021
  • Each file is audited by an independent firm of experts Ernst & Young (EY) to ensure the compliance with the label's award criteria and environmental performance accuracy. 
  • Each file is awarded for a period of 5 years
  • Annual review of accredited files to make sure that no regulatory or market changes have made the accredited environmental and/or health performance obsolete.
  • Supported by external stakeholder's review and guidance in terms of the guidelines' evolutions. 
  •  Environmental and health performance proof compared to a market / a scenario reference
    • A solution representing the main market share, 
    • Or a previous version of the solution (if the first situation is not applicable).