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Lamentin hybrid solar power plant

TotalEnergies offers solar power plants, with or without storage batteries, for the production of electricity.

The Lamentin solar farm, located on the island of Martinique, is a hybrid solar power plant made up of “standard” elements such as solar panels, coupled with batteries for electricity. storage. It is located in the bay of Fort-de-France, near the town of Lamentin, on the Dome of the 'la trompeuse' landfill, which is a former technical landfill center for non-hazardous waste.

The TotalEnergies Ecosolutions advantage

The hybrid solar farm increases the share of renewable energies in the Martinican electricity production mix. Indeed, 93% of the Martinican electricity production mix is based on fossil fuels (in 2016). The renewable electricity produced replaces a part of electricity production that is highly dependent on fossil fuels (mainly fuel oil).

The Lamentin solar power plant is located on a former non-hazardous waste landfill. It not only adds value to unfertile and unbuildable land but also avoids imports of fossil fuels which overwhelmingly make up the island's current electricity production mix.

The Environmental Performance

This solution makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by 93%, compared to the local electricity mix.

Picto Check VA External Verification

Indepedendent auditor EY has verified that this product was labeled according to the method described in the TotalEnergies Ecosolutions Guidelines and that the guidelines comply with the principles set out in the ISO 14020 and 14021 standards which govern environmental claims and particularly their accuracy.

Additional information

  • Label award date: March 2020
  • Label term: December 2024
  • Geographical scope: The Martinique