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Fuel Economy Motor Oils for Heavy Duty Vehicles


Fuel Economy Motor Oils for Heavy Duty Vehicles



Fuel Economy Motor Oils for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

RUBIA, EXTENSIA, MAXIMA, and PERFORMANCE xW-30 fuel economy diesel motor oils are designed for use in heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, and waste collection vehicles, to improve fuel efficiency and therefore reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Nearly 20 commercial references* have been awarded the TotalEnergies Ecosolutions label.

*Gamme TOTAL : RUBIA TIR 9900 FE 5W-30, RUBIA TIR 9200 FE 5W-30, RUBIA TIR 8900 FE 10W-30, RUBIA TIR 8600 FE 10W-30, RUBIA OPTIMA 1100 FE 10W-30, RUBIA TIR 7400 FE 10W-30, RUBIA OPTIMA 4100 XFE 5W-30 Gamme RTO : MAXEON XE6 ECO 5W-30, MAXIMA RXD ECO 5W-30, EXTENSIA FP ECO 10W-30 , MAXEON ME6 ECO 10W-30, MAXEON CRX ECO 10W-30, MAXIMA RLD ECO 10W-30, MAXEON RLD-5 ECO 5W 30 gamme ELF : PERFORMANCE PRO 1000 FE 10W-30.


L’avantage TotalEnergies Ecosolutions

Because fuel economy oils have an optimized viscosity profile, they reduce the friction that causes power loss in the lubricated parts, thereby improving fuel efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. They are also more fluid than standard mineral oils while retaining their ability to protect against motor wear.

The Environmental Performance

  • 1.1% to 1.3% energy savings
  • 1.1% to 1.3% reduction in CO2 emissions

That is equivalent to 1.2 tons of CO2 emissions offset over a distance of 100,000 kilometers. Given the size of the market, the improved fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions significantly reduce our customers’ environmental footprint. To learn more, go to the dedicated pages on fuel economy motor oils for heavy-duty vehicles at :

Picto Check VA External Verification

Indepedendent auditor EY has verified that this product was labeled according to the method described in the TotalEnergies Ecosolutions Guidelines and that the guidelines comply with the principles set out in the ISO 14020 and 14021 standards which govern environmental claims and particularly their accuracy.

Additional information

  • Label Award date: March 2011
  • Label Renewal date: End of 2019 - Guidelines Version 5
  • Label Term: December 2023
  • Geographical Scope: World