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SunPower® Solar Panels

SunPower® Solar Panels (E20, X20, X21, X22, A21, A22).

SunPower®'s high-efficiency solar panels are used in photovoltaic systems for several types of applications: residential, large roofs (commercial, industrial, agricultural...), public buildings, ground-based power plants and off-grid autonomous systems (telecommunications, oil industry, isolated sites) worldwide.

TotalEnergies Ecosolutions advantage

SunPower® photovoltaic modules are environmentally different from other solar modules in the following ways

Higher module efficiency: SunPower® modules have an efficiency of over 20% for the E-Series, 20% for the X-Series, and 21% for the A-Series, compared to the average efficiency of conventional silicon modules of 17-19% and 16-18% for modules using thin-film technology.

Reduced consumption of purified silicon during the production process: the thickness of SunPower® wafers is around 130μm, compared to 180μm for conventional silicon cells, which further reduces the consumption of silicon and therefore the energy required for its production.

The Environmental Performance


Compared to the market reference, and for equal service, SunPower® high-efficiency solar panels allow our customers:

  • 46% reduction in CO2eq. emissions.

Picto Check VA External Verification

Indepedendent auditor EY has verified that this product was labeled according to the method described in the TotalEnergies Ecosolutions Guidelines and that the guidelines comply with the principles set out in the ISO 14020 and 14021 standards which govern environmental claims and particularly their accuracy.

Additional information

  • Label Award date: October 2013
  • Label Renewal date : Novembre 2020 (Guidelines Version 6)
  • Label Term: December 2025
  • Geographical Scope: World